Much of the work done in the Molecular Recognition Group is multidisciplinary in nature, and draws on the expertise of many collaborators, both within Nottingham and elsewhere.

  • In the School of Pharmacy
  • In other schools at Nottingham
    • Professor Ian Dryden, School of Mathematical Sciences: New simulation analysis techniques.
    • Dr. Jonathan Wattis, School of Mathematical Sciences: DNA modelling.
  • Elsewhere in the UK and abroad
    • Professor Modesto Orozco, University of Barcelona, Spain: Development and application of novel simulation techniques.
    • Prof. Hooshang Nikjoo, Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Radiation-induced DNA damage.
    • Dr. Sarah Harris, University of Leeds: DNA structure and dynamics.
    • Prof. Cecilia Clementi, Rice University, USA: Advanced sampling methods
    • Prof. Shantenu Jha, Rutgers University, USA: High performance computing infrastructures for biomolecular simulation.

Current and recent funders of work in the Molecular Recognition Group;